Welcome to BMW CarData!


BMW CarData offers you the option of accessing telematics data from BMW and MINI vehicles. The only requirement is that a customer must give his explicit permission for the release of his data and must have a telematics-enabled vehicle allocated to a valid BMW ConnectedDrive or MINI Connected customer account respectively. Based on these data, you can offer your customers tailor-made, personalised services. The required telematics data will be made available to you at reasonable conditions: Because you only pay for the provision of the telematics data that you have actually requested and received.

The BMW CarData service offered on this portal is only intended for service providers who wish to make use of BMW CarData. For BMW ConnectedDrive and MINI Connected customers, the service is currently being introduced to European countries in stages. The functions are available free of charge on the BMW ConnectedDrive or MINI Connected customer portal respectively.

Find out exactly what is behind BMW CarData and how you can use this platform for your services.


Did we make you curious? Why not have a completely non-binding look at BMW CarData. You will only need to register on the AOS portal – completely free, of course. When asked to provide your general company data, select the option "Access to technical interfaces". If you are already using other applications of the AOS portal, please contact Support and request a release for BMW CarData.